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NewLife Community Church
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The Big Question
What We Believe

1. The Triune God. There is only one God who exists, beyond our comprehension, as three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

2. Jesus Christ. Jesus, the second member of the Trinity, was fully man while at the same time being fully God. He is God's specific revelation of Himself and is the only way to Heaven. He was not created, but has always existed as the second person of the Trinity. For a brief time, He became a man on this earth to show us the way to God. We confess that He was born of a virgin, died for our sins and was raised from the dead by the miraculous power of God.

3. The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity. Like the Son He is a real personality that has existed as God, with the Father and Son, from all eternity. The Holy Spirit plays a major role in our salvation.

4. The Bible. We believe in plenary inspiration, that is, the 66 books of the bible were divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit, and inerrantly reveal God's will to us in regard to salvation. The bible is the only source for doctrine and practice.

5. The Church. The church is the community of believers, also known as the body of Christ. It is the median through which He works. As the church, we are to be faithful, to love one another, serve one another, maintain unity, hold one another accountable for sin and be a witness for Christ in this world.

6. Baptism. Baptism is a sign to all that a spiritual work has happened on the inside, namely that the old sinful lifestyle is being washed away. We honor baptism by immersion.

7. Second Coming Of Christ. There are many opinions of what will happen during the end times. We only find it necessary to confess that Christ will one day come again and no one knows when. His saints will be caught up to meet him in the air, and "so will we ever be with the Lord.

8. Resurrection, Judgment and Destiny. When Christ returns, there will be two bodily resurrections. The non-Christian will be resurrected to be damned in a lake of fire. This is their judgment. The Christian will be resurrected to live with Christ forever. This is their reward. Every person will have one of these two destinies.